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4th Thursday 2013

texashappytrail replied to your post

What’s docking tho?

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  1. purgatory said: MOTHERFUCKING
  2. behaveboy said: BEST EXPLANATION THO
  3. gankingghouls said: oH my gDo
  4. texashappytrail said: I’m cryingfdiohgdhd
  5. chromatacia said: OH MY FUCKING GOD
  6. jaredbottoms said: laRA PLS
  7. bottomjared said: SCREAM
  8. devils-trap said: omg but what if the one dude who had his shit docked in the other dude’s dicksweater TORE IT? LIKE WTF HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN TO A DOCTOR THE FISSURES IN YOUR FORESKIN
  9. overachievious said: that is the best visual metaphor
  10. codependentbrothers said: omg perfect example a+
  11. samspurpletoothbrush said: SHIT
  12. clintfbartonn said: 24.media.tumblr.com/tum…
  13. luideag said: OH MY GOD
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