fleshandbloodbrother replied to your post: fleshandbloodbrother replied to your post: i love…

wait no. I haven’t bgvcfghjilkgufygh NOW I NEED TO THANKS LARA.

omg im sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh god forever associating moaning/whimpering to sex

i just glanced at the tv expecting a sex scene but it’s a murder scene

I always thought Colin’s twitter (colinfordactor) was so cheesy because i mean really? DINOSAUR?

then i stared at it for some reason and realized that he meant colin ford ACTOR

omg that pic reminds me of highschool tho like when there’s a highschool party thing then id go around and look for my crushes and be like omg let’s take a pic! just to have an excuse to stand closer to them

lol now i wanna join gishwhes just to have a reason to duct tape a five year old to a wall

wow i was wondering why tumblr’s kinda dead

and i remembered that it’s thanksgiving

i never seed on torrents