ugh my boss is so annoying like, all of a sudden she’ll ask me why im not doing certain things when they were actually her job??? like wow why is it my job all of a sudden??? then she acts like it’s always been like that omfg fuck off

my coworker rene (the hot dad i talked about before) borrowed my computer for something but he pretended to be me to another coworker/friend omg


Man. My fuckin boss told me I can go home and she’ll finish for me. So I was like wow okay cool thanks. Then she didn’t fuckin finish. Now I’m delayed a day. Ugh she’s so useless. I wouldnt have left if I knew she wouldn’t finish GOD I HATE HER

man i fuckin hate lazy ass coworkers like, why do they even bother to come in then if theyre not planning on fuckin WORKING GOD

theyre makin everyone else look bad since we’re getting late because theyre so fuckin slow

like it doesnt matter if i set up everything on time/early bec theyre gonna take their fuckin sweet ass time doing their part so we’re still gonna be late

Ugh my brother is such an ungrateful little shit


How come you're so late on spn, babe?

ugh i don’t know. I think it’s because I’m constantly upset so im unconsciously depriving myself of happiness

Shit my brother bought the wrong saline solution and i used it before i realized omg i was told not to use the antibacterial stuff called bezenthonium chloride holy shit i rinsed it with water immediately but fuck, i dont have sea salt or anything to clean it right now i hope my ear wont fall off damn

i’m just really stressed out

the shit i have to deal with at work man, I feel so old

then 2 of my coworkers were trying to bully me 2 weeks ago but like, im 20 and theyre like 30 and 45 yrs old i was like, why the fuck are you trying to fight me and i wasnt even doing anything??they just made shit up and blamed me for it, it was so annoying

i fuckn fought back so hard they apologized by the end of the day, they probably felt like shit. good for them.